Nitin Ahuja

Lift. Eat. Code. Code. Code. Eat. Cardio. Eat. Code. Sleep.


The Beast

A SUN DEVIL. Graduate student at Arizona State University.

A developer. Develop mobile, web, desktop, cloud and database applications.

A fitness freak. Believer in mind body connection.

What people think about me

Lessons Learnt

I have focused on taking industry oriented courses that offer significant research aspect too.

Something extra

I have couple certifications and am working for some more.

The Weapons

I aim to improve in what I already know while always learning something new.

85% Complete
C and C++
65% Complete
75% Complete
65% Complete
HTML 5 & CSS 3
75% Complete
Software Testing
Software Testing

The Wars

Orion Health, Scottsdale, AZ.

Software Engineering Intern

Feb 2015 - Present
  • Using Elastic Search, Apache Spark Core and Spark SQL, and Tableau to develop a fast analytics software.

ON Semiconductor, Phoenix, AZ.


June 2014 - December 2014
  • Developed SharePoint websites for corporate research and development team.
  • Configured and managed new and existing software applications.
  • Developed dynamic sharepoint forms and workflows.

Cubic Research Center, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ.

Research Aide

March 2014 - August 2014
  • Performed programming tasks for NSF I-Corps funded project- Traumatic Brain Injury Detection.
  • Developed Android application to receive data from compatible BLE device services.
  • Worked with ARM Cortex M0+ microcontrollers, DSDs, accelerometers and actively participated with industrial design team to design the final product.

Ducat, Haryana, India.

Intern, Trainee

January 2012 - June 2012
  • Developed a web based Java application, Delhi Navigator, to find the shortest path for visiting the Delhi city (Capital of India) either by metro route or bus route.
  • Created and administered the project on J2EE platform and contributed in testing of the application.

The Fights

Geospatial operations support for Apache Spark | Jan 2015 - Present |

  • Developing a library for Apache Spark to perform geo-spatial operations.
  • Implementing operations like geometry union, geometry convex hull, geometry farthest pair, geometry closest pair, spatial range query, spatial join query
  • Technologies and tools used: Java, Apache Spark core, HDFS, multi-node cluster

Spotify Mind Sync | Sept 2014 - Dec 2014 |

  • Developed an emotion-based, real-time and mobile music recommender system for Android platform using Neurosky Mindwave brain sensor.
  • Streamed music from Spotify and used blink detection to flip songs.
  • Technologies and tools used: Java, Android SDK-23, Android Studio, Bluetooth, Mindwave, Spotify API.

Rock-Paper-Scissors | Sept 2014 - Dec 2014 |

  • Developed gesture recognition based multiplayer game, with Bluetooth support, for Android.
  • Technologies and tools used: Java, Android SDK-19, Android Studio, Bluetooth 3.0, SQLite.

Distributed and Multiprocessor operating systems programming | Aug 2014 - Dec 2014 |

  • •Implemented non-preemptive/ user - level threading and scheduling in Linux environment.
  • •Implemented semaphore and then used them to implement readers - writers problem.
  • •Implemented blocking message passing via ports.

iRemember | Jan 2014 - April 2014 |

  • Android application to capture memories.
  • Memories can be captured as text, audio and/ or video with/ without location. You can revisit your memories by searching through their title.

SaaS based Project Management System | Mar 2014-Apr 2014 |

  • Developed a SaaS based project management system using service-oriented architecture (EasySaaS).
  • Application is based on multi-tenant architecture, provides runtime customizations and allows tenants to pay per subscribed service.
  • Technologies and tools used: Spring, Hibernate, JSP, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, HTML, MySQL.

Gesture Analysis and Indexing | Aug 2013-Dec 2013 |

  • Analyzed gesture files in a vector space model and visualized them as heat maps to find most similar gestures using distance/ similarity measures.
  • Accomplished dimensionality reduction of data, implemented Locality Sensitive Hashing to index the gesture database and performed clustering and classification using K-Nearest Neighbor search, Decision Trees and Support Vector Machines.
  • Created a user relevance feedback system. Developed system was more accurate due to user relevance feedback and significantly fast due to Locality Sensitive Hashing and dimensionality reduction.
  • Technologies and tools used: Java SE 6 and MATLAB R2013a.

Social Network Mining and Analysis | Aug 2013 - Sept 2013 |

  • Created a social network website (Twitter) crawler in java that gathers the network data.
  • Calculated page ranks of all nodes to find most popular nodes/ users in the crawled dataset.
  • Simulated Random Graphs, Small World Network and Preferential Attachment Model, measured the properties of simulated networks and analyzed their resemblance with real world networks.
  • Technologies and tools used: Java SE 6 and MATLAB R2013a.

Time Based Product Sentiment Tracking and Feedback (Twitter) | Oct 2013 - Dec 2013 |

  • Analyzed the sentiments of users for mac and windows, by processing their tweets using a valence table and visualized them using graphs and used techniques like dynamic time warping.
  • Refined the results for utilizing influentiality of users and generated graphs showing increasing popularity for mac as compared to windows.
  • Technologies and tools used: Java SE 6, MATLAB R2013a and C++.

OwnCloud iSCSI Application | Aug 2013 - Dec 2013 |

  • Developed an ownCloud’s (open source storage server) administrator perspective application that allows the administrator to provide user with on demand storage by managing virtual disks and ISCSI target storages.
  • Developed system could scale up and down automatically based on users' needs.
  • Technologies and tools used: OwnCloud API, Linux Shell Scripting, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, MySQL, JIRA and Git.

Surveillance Bot Application | Aug 2012 - June 2013 |

  • Developed an android application to encode raw video using a codec like h.264/ h.263 and raw audio using AAC/ AMR and streamed encoded data (as wrapper of 3gp or mpeg4) using HTTP/ RTSP protocol.
  • Created a web interface that on receiving wrapped data, decodes it to reconstruct the video and audio (achieved via VLC Plugin).
  • Technologies and tools used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Android SDK, ADT plugin, ADB (Android Debug Bridge), Eclipse IDE, Dream Weaver CS5, JDK, AVD (Android Virtual Devices), VLC plugin.

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